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Дабы не забыть


If you are a citizen of Finland and you leave Finland to live in a foreign country, you will normally continue as a Finnish tax resident during the tax year of your relocation, and for the three following tax years (this rule is known as the three-year rule).

During this period, your tax residency cannot normally be changed to Finnish tax non-residency unless you make a specific request and can demonstrate that during the relevant tax year you no longer have any economic and social ties that connect you with Finland.


If you live in Finland your payment of tax in Finland also covers any foreign-sourced income that you may have. But you may also have to pay tax to the country of source. Double taxation is nevertheless eliminated either by giving you credit for foreign-paid taxes, or by exemption from Finnish taxation.

If you were to pay taxes on the same income in both Finland and the country of source, your taxes would be double. Two alternative methods exist for preventing this: (1) the taxes paid in the other country can be credited, or (2) the income concerned can be exempted . The credit method is the most common, the exemption method only applying if a bilateral tax treaty between Finland and the country of source includes clauses to that effect.

Gentoo стучится в двери 2

В продолжение http://ykaliuta.livejournal.com/34228.html. Таки, debian катился-катился, и докатился.

http://bugs.debian.org/765448 . Да, я в курсе, что можно поставить "только файлы" systemd. Но уже не "выносится на ура", как было прошлый раз.

PS: да, виноват опять всё равно редхат.

О фото на паспорт

Затестил Lupahallinnon valokuvapalvelin, кстати. Можно экономить на печати (евру в verkkokauppa :). Интересно, почему на права так нельзя. Ещё бы белорусское посольство такое ввело, а то, видать, придётся в следующем году набор картриджей покупать :(.


Интересно, как они это совмещают при местном копирастизме. Неужели договорились?
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О золотых картах

С 1го апреля travel insurance по Nordea'ым Gold'ым картам резко теряет осмысленность:

After the change, the insurance will only be valid on leisure trips and a pre-condition for its validity is that at least 75% of the travel and accommodation costs have been paid with the credit feature of the Nordea Gold or MasterCard Premium card.